A Year in the Allotment: Summer

After a short hiatus from the blog I'm back and ready to talk about the fun we've been having down at the allotment...


Preparing for Plastic-Free July 2017

It's almost that time of year again to start a new plastic-free challenge. This is a great place to start thinking about what we use and what we buy which I hope to take onto the rest of the year.

Green Christmas Guilt

As the Christmas season gets into full swing it seems to have become so easy to lose my green way. I feel so much pressure to find presents for various people (many of whom would not appreciate or recognise a green gift) that my simple green gift rules seem to go astray.

Plastic Fantastic: Plastic-Free July

If you follow the green community on social media, you'll have seen the latest drive for a plastic-free July. The zero-wasters are promoting their cause by showing how it can be done for just one month (and then hopefully it will encourage participants to carry on throughout the year).