Ethical Decisions: Meat

This is the first look at my ethical life choices and I'm starting big: MEAT. This is a huge topic in the green-living world and one that cannot be ignored.


Wash Your Face Green

After a purge of my bathroom cabinet I discovered 7 face wash products so I thought I'd write a quick review on the good, the bad and the green options!

Nuts About Soapnuts!

As ever, I am always looking out for more eco-friendly options in my daily life. This week my already eco-conscious choice of clothes detergent ran out so I've tried Soap Nuts and written a review on my first thoughts.

What Does it all Mean?

In the green world words get thrown around to describe the different attributes of products but what do they mean? It's easy to get bogged down by the lingo and walk into a shop not really knowing what to expect. So I've put together a little glossary of terms which will probably get extended and added to over time to include new terminology I learn as I'm going along!