Sharehouse Market’s Cherry Tomato Challenge

What a huge amount of tomatoes going to waste. The “large manufacturer” should be ashamed of themselves. They should be named and shamed! Would love to go to Sheffield to get some but I don’t think it is economically viable to drive a 120 mile round-trip just for a bag of tomatoes!
Real Junk Food Projects like this one are doing an amazing job though. X

The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield

What would you do with 10kg of sliced cherry tomatoes?  

The Real Junk Food Project Sheffield intercepts food that is destined to be wasted unnecessarily and then makes it available to the people of Sheffield on a pay-as-you-feel basis, from the Sharehouse Market. Founded and run Jo Hercberg and René Meijer the project will be taking an unusually large shipment of unwanted tomatoes early next week.

The 50 tonnes of frozen sliced cherry tomatoes are perfectly edible, they were refused by a large manufacturer as they were “sliced incorrectly”. You might wonder how many ways there are to slice a cherry tomato, and how there could be an incorrect one, but this is all part of a much bigger problem with food manufacture. The supplier was faced with either binning the food or trying to pass it on. Jo explained that “luckily the supplier was aware of us and…

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Ethical Decisions: Buy Secondhand

Does new have to mean new? Why not new-to-you? Check out my definitive guide to buying secondhand, including where to buy and what to look for.

Thoughts on New Year: 2018

Here it comes again, the new year: New intentions set, new plant on the window sill, new yoga mat and new belly from all the festive food! We find this time of year very refreshing in the GreenandRose house. As new things come into our lives, old things are removed.

5 Essentials For Your Sustainable Party

Who doesn't love a good party? The thing about being less wasteful is that it shouldn't mean you can't still have fun! But instead of plastic, polluting balloons and single use cups why not go more classy? Get the real wine glasses out, make some punch from locally-sourced fruit and party like it's 1999 (except with composting, curbside recycling and fair trade)!

Wedding Stationery

One of the things ubiquitous with weddings is stationery. From save-the-dates to table plans, paper is used everywhere. This is one of the first eco-friendly things we are thinking about for the wedding.

Mindfulness & Green Living

Mindfulness and green living go hand-in-hand for me.  The definition of mindfulness (according to Google) is "the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something." There are so many aspects of green living which can be thought of as mindful.

Homemade is Best

I've been super busy this week making allsorts of things, as I type I am sat here in my apron, waiting for bread to rise! This is the art of making from scratch put into practice.

Wedding Florals

Call me crazy but I'm thinking of using flowers from my own garden in my wedding bouquet. Well, why not? They are already there, my garden is full of beautiful flowers throughout the summer, so nothing new would be produced just to be cut for one day in my hands. They are organically grown and completely natural as much of my garden is self-seeded anyway.