How I End Up With Nothing in my Fridge at the End of the Week!

Food waste is a huge issue at the minute, “according to the campaigning waste charity Wrap, UK households bin 5m tonnes of edible food every year.” Have you ever gone to the supermarket without a shopping list and just wandered the aisles picking interesting things off the shelves, not thinking about how they will go together? You get home and realise that you have bought a coconut, a packet of digestives and a tin of tuna.

For me the most fundamental thing in reducing waste is to start in the kitchen. Begin the week with a plan and you can never go wrong. This is how we end up with nothing in the fridge at the end of each week. I’ve put together a super simple, free printable meal planner to get you started and given you an example of our typical week below.

It may seem like meal planning would take a long time to sort out and is not worth the effort, but believe me it is. The benefits of sitting down for 10 minutes on a Sunday evening (maybe nip it in during an advert break?) will last you all week.

This plan will:

  • Save you time: You won’t be looking around at the supermarket- head straight for the aisle you need, no browsing on the way.
  • Save you effort: You will never have to say “I don’t know what to have for dinner” ever again!
  • Save you money: No extras, no multi-buys, no impulse buys.
  • Stop food waste in your house: The only food we throw away are scraps and peelings (which go straight into the compost). We are never looking at best before or use by dates because everything gets eaten within the week.
  • Minimalise your kitchen: Why should minimalism stop at the cupboard doors? What use is a pristine kitchen if the fridge is full of going off food?

Here’s an example of our week of food planning:

Meal Plan

shopping list

I’m no graphic artist (obviously) so don’t expect anything fancy, but really it’s just an example of how to look at your meal planning for the week and to get you started. Get your free download here: Weekly Meal Planner.


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