Homemade is Best

I just realised that I hadn’t written a blog post this week! I’m trying to write one every Sunday but this weekend has been absolutely beautiful and we’ve spent most of it sunbathing, weeding and watering at the allotment and making things.

I’ve been super busy this week making allsorts of things, as I type I am sat here in my apron, waiting for bread to rise! In my blog post a couple of weeks ago I wrote about making from scratch, and I am really embracing this lately. The process of making things is one of my favourite things about living a greener, less wasteful lifestyle. This week alone I have made elderflower cordial, ginger beer, vegan chocolate mousse, a pocket for my apron, banana cake, beeswax wrap and body butter. I take inspiration from my friends recipes, other blogs and posts on InstagramΒ and have a go at trying it for myself if it is something I think I will find useful and less wasteful.


Elderflower cordial is a great thing to make on a lovely summers day like today; go out with the whole family to pick wild elderflower from hedgerows (avoid roadsides) and bring back bunches which fill the whole house with sweet fragrance. I used this Jamie Oliver recipe and it was so simple and easy to do and the resulting cordial is beautiful and refreshing. The recipe makes a lot of cordial so I’ve been giving it to friends and family in small bottles.

I made a few sections of beeswax wrap, which I have been meaning to do for ages. Beeswax wrap is waxed fabric which can cover food and then be washed instead of wasteful, non-reusable cling film. You can buy beeswrapΒ but it can be quite expensive. I have loads of fabric so I used some spare cuts, seamed the edges and melted wax onto the fabric. I used this DIYΒ from Moral Fibres blog.

Body butter is another thing I’ve been meaning to make for sometime. I have wanted to make my own moisturising cream and this natural recipe from Little Green Dot sounded like a quick and simple way to make a moisturising butter from organic ingredients. I used Shea Butter and Coconut Oil for my ingredients, but you can use almost any natural butters and oils to get the right combination for your skin. This has been a great post-shower moisturiser for me and I’ve used it as an after-sun too, it soothes and cools my skin.


I like to try out recipes and adapt them, if necessary, before I add them to my homemade recipe book and onto my blog so watch this space for more recipes and DIYs.

Let me know if you have any great recipes or DIYs for a simpler, greener life too.

Rose xx


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