Wedding Florals

Call me crazy but I’m thinking of using flowers from my own garden in my wedding bouquet. Well, why not? They are already there, my garden is full of beautiful flowers throughout the summer, so nothing new would be produced just to be cut for one day in my hands. They are organically grown and completely natural as much of my garden is self-seeded anyway.

Whatsmore, they would be completely free! According to Brides Magazine the average cost of flowers is £638! Wow! Not exactly the budget figure I was thinking. I don’t want to cut corners for our big day but I think that by growing our own flowers is not only cutting costs but also adding something more personal to our day.



I was always going to have a wildflower bouquet anyway and I have been on the lookout for something a bit different. I know I don’t want to go for a big corporation or anything which is not based in the UK, if not more local than that.  Recently fellow blogger, Marguerite, posted on her blog about a small-scale florist she has found in Chicago which grow their own flowers especially for your wedding, which is a great idea and something I would definitely be interested in if there is something similar in the UK.


The first thing my 8 year old niece said when I announced our engagement was: “Will you be wearing flowers in your hair?” So adorable, naturally I responded: “Of course, will you?” I love the bohemian style of floral garlands and crowns and I would like to incorporate flowers into almost every aspect of the big day, from dress to cake! Have a look at my Pinterest board on my dream wedding to see the inspiration I am taking.


Has anyone ever done it before? Would it be too big a job to do myself or with just the help of my mum and sister? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on Instagram.

Rose xx

(p.s. all photos, except the cover photo, are from my Pinterest board, links to the pins found there.)


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