Summer Time = Capsule Wardrobe Update

It has been another beautiful weekend in sunny England. The temperatures have soared and the sun has been out (in between the rain showers!). So, what better time to think about starting my summer off than at the beginning of June?

capsule 2

I have been wearing my Spring wardrobe since early March and feel like it was time for a change. The wonderful thing about a capsule wardrobe is that every season you have a brand new wardrobe to wear! I started my capsule back in January, I think, when I laid out all the clothes I own onto my bed. Then item by item I categorised them into Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (with a few exceptions like jeans which transcend the seasons) and put all the items I didn’t want to add to any category into a charity bag. (Please note though, I am not perfect and spend approximately 90% of my home-life in comfies which have not been categorised and live in a basket year round!)

Once I had my four wardrobes set out I took photos of all my clothes and saved them to four corresponding folders on my laptop. This may sound overly organised and particular but I have found it to be so useful with the changing of the seasons. I don’t have to go back and think about my whole wardrobe again and pick out the items I think are suitable for the season, this would defeat the purpose of the capsule wardrobe which is to simplify our fashion lives not complicate it.

capsule 1

Simplicity is key when it comes to a capsule wardrobe. I own about 80-odd items in my entire wardrobe and searching through them all on a daily basis meant that I was more likely to plump for the same outfit day after day. With a capsule wardrobe each season has about 30 items in (like I said, some overlap seasons) so I narrow down my choices which (bizarrely) means I choose more varied outfitsΒ every day! I am lucky that I work in an environment where I can almost wear what I like, so every day I can pick a new outfit. I am so happy with my summer wardrobe and excited to try it out as I have clearly gone for brighter, more vibrant options for this time of the year.

A few important things to remember when setting out your own capsule wardrobe:

  • Only keep what you love, don’t settle for an item you’re not too keen on as you’ll realise you will never wear it!
  • Get rid of items you haven’t worn all season. Be ruthless!
  • Follow the one-in-one-out rule. When you get a new item you must get rid of one.
  • Enjoy the freedom of having new items to choose from every 3 months!

I love to check out your capsule wardrobes on Instagram, tag me @greenandroseblog πŸ™‚

Rose xx


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