Ethical Decisions: Make From Scratch

Following on nicely from my last few posts, my next big ethical decision is making from scratch. Such an important and thing to do when going zero waste or trying to be more sustainable is to look at the process that goes into making an item and to create something from the beginning for yourself. That may be making a recipe from scratch which may otherwise come out of a (non-recyclable) packet or sewing a craft instead of needlessly buying it online with wasteful postage and packaging.

These skills then develop over time into something more: once you have sewn a few items you’ll start to be more confident in darning damaged clothes instead of throwing them away and buying new and making a recipe from scratch can lead to making more and more and challenging yourself to making new dishes. It would have been second nature to our grandparents and their parents and generations before them to make your own. Supermarkets were not around every corner for instant meals and shops like Primark didn’t exist where you can buy clothes for pennies. They had to “make do and mend”.

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I am trying to make this my new mantra and make what I can from scratch whenever possible. I have a huge bucket full of cloth scraps and a decent sewing machine, so I have the tools I need. I have a few projects in mind to make which I will update on Instagram as and when, such as homemade cleaning products, homemade moisturiser and toothpaste. Cooking is more G’s expertise but I am learning how to bake bread, brew ginger beer, bake biscuits, cook delicious package-free dinners and make fruit cordials.

I don’t have the skills to make my own clothes (though I’d love to go on a course) but there really is no end to what you can make for yourself if you have the tools and materials. I’m not suggesting you go out and buy your own axe or pottery wheel, but why not give it a go making something that is not pre-made or pre-packaged?

Make Do And Mend
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Let me know what you make from scratch. I’m always after new ideas and inspiration!

Rose x


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