Homemade Recipe Book

One of the biggest ways to reduce waste is to begin in the kitchen. By creating a shopping list every week we can ensure that we only buy exactly what we need for the week ahead and therefore we waste little to no food every week. Seriously, if you look in our fridge on the night before shopping night there is nothing in there as everything has been eaten!

The best way to work out what we are going to eat for the next 7 days is to make a meal plan made up of meals you know you’ll actually enjoy eating. We don’t stick to certain meals for certain days (other than Fajita Friday’s!) but simply decide on 7 meals (less if we’re eating out one night) that we know we want to cook and eat in the coming week.


Over the years we have developed a range of meals wereally enjoy cooking (did I mention Fajita Friday?), some seasonal favourites and a few adaptations from celebrity cookbooks and YouTube food channels. So I have compiled our very own recipe book to reference when making our weekly meal plans where we can quickly check exactly what ingredients we need and therefore produce as little waste as possible.

The great thing about a homemade recipe book is it is completely unique to you! You can add to it as you find new and exciting recipes to make and only include the ones you’re interested in. Have you ever noticed that you only use a few recipes from each recipe book on your shelf? What a waste of space!

How to make your own recipe book:

  1. Like a bullet journal start by making space for an index. Do not pre-fill this but only add to it as you write a recipe down, one-by-one. The notebook I am using has loads of pages in it so I’ve left a few pages at the beginning to make sure I have at least a line for each page. (I bought my notebook years ago and have had it sitting around waiting for an exciting project to fill it’s pages but you could always look for an eco-alternative like these or these.)


2. Write your first recipe: number the pages as you go along (just in case you make a mistake and want to tear a page out) and then copy a recipe off the internet or out of a cook book, cut one out of a magazine or get your mum to recite a family favourite. Then copy the page number and recipe title into your index. Simple.


I started a word-processed recipe book on my laptop at first but found it was so impersonal. I couldn’t write little notes or add in photos or magazine cuttings which are invaluable to any cookbook.

I hope you like this little green craft project, I think you will notice that by being a little bit organised about what you are going to eat over the week you can really save money and waste so much less food by only buying what you need. Also, at the end of the day, you have a lovely and personal recipe book which you can pass onto your children or share recipes with friends for years to come.

Love Rose x



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