A Year of Green

I’ve just realised that it is a year since I started this blog, it really doesn’t feel that long! I admit that I’ve not made as many posts as I had intended to (and my resolution for this year is to post more regularly!) but I can definitely see that I have, personally, made a lot of progress.

In one of my first posts I talked about how we had gone green so far, looking back I think the choices we made in life were good but not good enough. We have really developed on and refined these principles in this year and I will write more about my green ethics in future posts.

I’ve written a few posts on how I have swapped regular products for more ethical choices (see here) – what I have found over this year though is the amount of choice out there. Instagram is a wonderful place to discover new products and ethical shops and also read up on people’s reviews of them. I have moved on from The Body Shop’s roll-on deodorant to Earth Conscious‘s vegan, plastic-free, natural deodorant. I’ve upped my game in the face wash scene to Tropic Skincare. And our clothes washing routine has been completely overhauled by Soap Nuts and Bicarbonate of Soda!

I’ve literally discovered things I never knew existed before this year (soap nuts, reusable menstrual pads) which is amazing and just think what more there is to discover out there!

I think that we’ve made loads of progress and although we’ve had some wins and some losses I’m really happy with what we’ve learnt and cannot wait to learn and try more and more as I keep my green life going!

Love Rose.x



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