Let’s Talk About Jam Jars…

Instagram has a bit of a reputation for being ‘trendy’. If you’re not wearing the right type of trainers or sporting the newest hairstyle then you are unfashionable in the Instagram world, this applies to all including the green community; if you’re not using Mason Jars then you are not a trendy ecowarrior! But buying mason jars, Kilner jars or La Parfait jars does not make you green, it is what you do with those jars that does!

I will not lie, I have several La Parfait jars, I have a few Kilner jars too. I even have one of those glass mugs with a lid (a gift from my sister in France). But I have jam jars, by the bucket load! I have so many that G insisted we have a clear out not long ago and sent half of my stash to the recycling bin. But here’s to jam jars and the many many uses they provide!

The first thing about jam jars are that they are reused, recycled and reusable. Nobody need go out and buy jam jars, we have them in abundance. They come with many food items from standard shops. They are a zerowaster’s joy: minimal packaging (usually just a sticker label to dispose of), plastic-free and hardwearing.

The second thing about jam jars are how versatile they are. A jam jar can be used as: a cutlery dryer, pen holder, knickknacks storage, pickle jar, soup container, freezer storage, smoothie glass, sweetie cache, biscuit ‘tin’, replanting pot, pudding pot, tea bag jar, compost ‘bin’, cocktail glass, seed storage, oats soaker, refrigerated goods container, decanter, egg separator, water purifier, flower vase, desk tidy, dry food storage, drinks flask or an actual jam jar. The list goes on…

Jam jars aren’t sexy, they’re not trendy but one thing is for sure- they are very green!

I’d love to hear about your jam jar uses too.




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