Tropic Skincare: A Review

A few weeks ago my sister-in-law invited me to a pamper party and being the good sister that I am I went along (though not expecting to find anything green). There was a beautiful array of goodies set up in the living room with it’s colourful packaging and heavenly smells. Then as we were shown the different products I felt myself being drawn in, only to be told that Tropic is completely vegan, cruelty-free, organic, natural and non-toxic, I was won over instantly!

I couldn’t decide what to buy on the day (as I wanted it all!) so I went for the essentials; I bought their Smoothing Cleanser (which comes with the softest bamboo cloth), Clear Skin Blemish-Fighting Mask, Face Smooth Brightening Polish and Feel Fresh Soothing Deodorant and Antiperspirant Cream.

Now, I’m no beauty blogger; I don’t use many beauty products at all to be honest and my make-up routine consists of a blob of BB Cream and a flick of mascara every other day (I’m not afraid to go out with no make-up on). But I have used my fair share of cleansing, moisturising, pampering products, mainly because of the LoveLula Beauty Box which I subscribed to for a few months, so I’ll give you my opinion of the Tropic Skincare products I’ve tried so far. (Please note I have not been paid or endorsed to write this!)


Smoothing Cleanser and Bamboo Cloth:

Don’t get me started on bamboo. It is probably my favourite material of all time: it is sustainable, quick-growing and incredibly versatile. What’s more it makes the softest cloths which you get free with each purchase of the Smoothing Cleanser. The cleanser itself smells divine when you first open it up. I am dubious of cream cleansers because they can sometimes be greasy or leave your skin feeling like there is a slight film on it, clogging your pores but this is silky smooth and washes off like a dream, taking all your impurities with it. You can really tell when you rinse out your cloth in the sink after! It leaves your skin feeling, soft, fresh, smelling good enough to eat and, most importantly, clean! I would thoroughly recommend using the Smoothing Cleanser. Although at £16 it is not a budget option but it honestly feels like you’re getting a premium product. I only wish they did a travel size for my trip to Copenhagen in January!


Clear Skin Blemish-Fighting Mask:

I’ve been unfortunate enough to be plagued by a bit of adult acne in the last year, most likely due to changes in hormones and stress. This has been an issue that I have struggled to find a cure for, trying everything from cutting out alcohol then coffee then milk then sugar to trying a variety of skin-peeling masks and harsh exfoliating creams. Yet nothing has consistently worked. I’ve decided to stop worrying about the spots and focus on having a complete healthy mind and body. Then in walks the Clear Skin Blemish-Fighting Mask. It uses natural clay, charcoal, ginger and goji berry extracts to clear and purify your skin. Now, it is bright green so if you’re comfortable looking like an effeminate version of The Hulk then this is the mask for you! I couldn’t believe how smooth my skin felt, it feels like it is really doing something while also making your skin fresher. Wearing the face mask is such a lovely soothing feeling (it’s worth the funny looks from the cat!). Again, priced at £16 but it will go a long way, especially if you only use it as and when or on your T-zone once a week. It’s definitely worth it.

Face Smooth Brightening Polish:

Exfoliating is key to removing dead, clogged skin (even I know that!) but microbeads are the beads of the devil so you’ll be happy to hear that this product uses completely natural, bamboo beads to gently scrub the skin on your face. I use it two or three times a week in the shower in the morning to freshen up my face for the day ahead and find that, although it is clearly very gentle, it provides just the right amount of abrasiveness to feel like it is scrubbing my skin clean. It feels slightly greasy when too much is applied which just shows that a little is all you need. My skin is looking a lot clearer since using these products and I feel much fresher for it.

Feel Fresh Soothing Deodorant and Antiperspirant Cream

I am always on the hunt for the perfect antiperspirant which lasts throughout the day and doesn’t stain or pollute the earth. Feel Fresh comes in a tube which you squeeze onto your fingers like a moisturiser and then, unlike a roller-ball you don’t end up rolling bacteria around your sensitive under arms, you just rub the lotion directly onto your skin. It smells nice at first, not over powering – though I would say that is the biggest issue, the smell is probably not strong enough, it doesn’t seem to last as a deodorant all day. I feel the need to reapply when sat in a hot office all day and I’ve found then when too much is applied I feel greasy and a black top did get stained white (though it washed straight out). However, the positives are that it is easy to apply and feels smooth and fresh.

Freshness seems to be the key to all Tropic Skincare products I think it is due to the natural ingredients. Although on the expensive side I do believe that you get what you are paying for. The products are beautifully wrapped, smell divine and feel gorgeous on your skin. I cannot wait to try more products. You can buy Tropic Skincare online and I encourage you to go to a pamper party if you hear of one happening locally.


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