Green Christmas Guilt

As the Christmas season gets into full swing it seems to have become so easy to lose my green way. I feel so much pressure to find presents for various people (many of whom would not appreciate or recognise a green gift) that my simple green giftย rules seem to go astray.

A mad dash around Cambridge (an unfamiliar city to me) with my mum and I found zero ethical shops. There were barely any vintage or charity shops either. So I had to resort to big brand, mass-produced, unsustainable shops like TK Maxx and WH Smith to tick off all the presents on my list.

This is where the Christmas guilt starts to kick in. I feel like I should be getting ethical gifts for everyone and all my shopping should be sustainable. In reality I know this is not always possible and I have brought charitable, handmade and homemade gifts for the majority.

This has been niggling away at the back of my mind though, so when I went to our local farmer’s market today it seemed to be the last straw. I am buying the food for our friends Christmas meal tomorrow and I wanted to get as much local produce as possible. Yet our market is so poor: there were only 3 or 4 stalls and no fruit and veg stalls at all. Everything was wrapped in plastic. I had to resort to Aldi for my vegetables in the end!

We could really learn a lot from our American cousins as bulk buying and local sourced produce is not easy to findย in the UK except in some bigger cities. It isn’t easy being green in the UK to be honest and that is really disappointing.

In other news, I’ve put our name down for an allotment in our village so hopefully this time next year we’ll be growing our own broccoli, cabbage and carrots to go straight onto the Christmas table!


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