Deck The Halls…

Another year has gone by and Christmas is here again! In our house it truly is a wonderful time of yearย and part of getting into the spirit is an evening spent setting up the decorations with a glass of hotย gluhwein in hand.

Of course every supermarket or shop you happen to walk past will offer an abundance of decorations, most of them plastic and disposable. When buying decorations I always intend to buy long-lasting items, usually handmade and ethically made which will be brought out of the attic for years to come. Everyone loves those heirloom glass baubles passed down from granny, but can you imagine giving your grandchildren those 5 for a pound supermarket specials?!

Natural decorations are something that can be made freshly each year and are loads of fun to do with children. You can collect pine cones and roast them in the oven for 30 minutes, until they dry out and open up. They look lovely on the shelf with a few fir tree fronds, holly and rowan.

A wreath is a really simple decorationย to bring the festive spirit to your front door. I bought one from our local florist a couple of years ago, the bulky moss was still intact and I just added some fresh fir, holly, dried pine cones, cinnamon sticks and a bow. You can buy the metal frames quite cheaply, wrap it in moss and secure with garden wire. They are reusable year after year. If the natural look is not for you then you could attach some of those cheap baubles to the frame for a colourful, modern wreath.





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