How Does Your Garden Grow?

Well the weather has been absolutely fantastic recently. Makes a change in the UK to have some consistent sunshine. 🙂 My b/f has been busy studying to go to university next year so its given me the perfect opportunity to do what I want in the garden!

We live in a new-build house on an old garage site which means the ground here is absolutely appalling but I am doing the best with what I’ve got and looking forward to seeing how it all turns out. First thing I did was get rid of the lawn, as you can see in the first photo it was a mess and not worth getting the lawnmower out for 5 minutes every week. Then made an area for the wheelie bins, the compost bin and cat toilet tucked away at the back of the garden where I’ve planted a Jasmine in an old Belfast sink to smell sweet and look lovely. We’ve also put twinkling, solar-powered fairy lights on the trellis which looks so pretty at night. Then painstakingly laid the brick path with reclaimed bricks from a local churchyard. I’ve planted lots of bee and butterfly friendly flowers and put in 2 bug hotels (though the cats are a menace and like to chase things that fly!).

I’m going to write some posts in the future about green gardening (composting and natural remedies etc) but for now here is a bit of a timeline for you to see how my garden has progressed since spring. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments 🙂


2nd May 2016: Messy lawn

2nd May 2016: Mud bath!

6th May 2016: Cat supervising

20 May 2016: Cat testing path

21 June 2016: Lawn attempting to grow back

3rd July 2016: Follow the red brick road…

23rd July 2016: Everything in bloom!


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