Make-Up The Switch

Making the switch from normal products to greener things may seem daunting, but, to be honest, there are easy exchanges you can make as soon as possible.

I genuinely thought that the British market was very limited for green products, particularly make-up and skincare. So, first thing I did was turn to the trusty Body Shop. They have a great range in The Body Shop and always have offers and sales going on (which is handy for the thrifty green). They are known to be anti-animal testing and cruelty free. I also find the staff really helpful and friendly so I made my very first conscious swap to their Fresh Nude Foundation. This is not explicitly ‘green’ and the only mention on The Body Shop website of anything remotely green going on is that it is paraben free. But this is my first choice and it is a great, natural-looking foundation that I use daily. Sticking with The Body Shop I’ve also found a much more natural perfume which has become my go-to smell. More natural ingredients and a lovely fresh scent, The Body Shop should no longer be associated with the White Musk of the 90’s!

In my quest to be greener I found Love Lula on Instagram and instantly fell in love with their massive choice! They sell all sorts from lots of brands which really makes green shopping much easier. I’ve signed up for their monthly beauty box because it gives a little taste of all the options they have. Loveย Lula’s self-proclaimed aim is “uniting natural and organic beauty brands in support of a more holistic vision of honesty, community and sustainability.” How can you argue with that? I’ve brought loads from Love Lula since discovering it, filling my cupboards withย moisturisers, face wash and makeup. I’m not a massive make-up person but I can’t help but adore my Neek lipstick.

Now looking at hair, I wash mine about 3 times a week and since switching to Faith in Nature shampoo and conditioner it has never been healthier (no I didn’t get paid to write that!)! I have completely forgone all products in my hair and it is sleek and shiny and smells fab. I first discovered Faith in Nature at a vegan fair but what’s even better than using a natural, cruelty-free product is that you can buy most of their range in Oxfam shops. Supporting charity and ethics in one go!

Let me know if you have any green beauty secrets to share. I have not yet gone down the route of making my own products and to be honest I’m a bit sceptical about DIY make-up. But I’m always keen to see other peoples natural choices.

Don’t feel like you have to completely over-haul your whole make-up collection either! Just as and when things run out or dry up, think about what other options there are out there. Natural products are especially good if you have sensitive skin or eyes and find that chemical-filled products irritate you. There is plenty of information onlineย about taking care of your skin, especially during the summer time so why don’t we think twice about what we are putting directly onto our skin every day?

This is the first in my series about making swaps in your life to more ethical, sustainable, environmentally friendly products so I’ll also look at fashion choices and household products in the future. Please get in touch with suggestions.

Rose xx


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