Plastic Fantastic: Plastic-Free July

If you follow the green community on social media, you’ll have seen the latest drive for a plastic-free July. The zero-wasters are promoting their cause by showing how it can be done for just one month (and then hopefully it will encourage participants to carry on throughout the year).

I am going to attempt plastic-free July but I apologise in advance for any slip-ups! Since following some zero-waste champions on Instagram, I’ve noticed there are certain flaws in our British shopping habits. Bulk bins are not a thing here (not that I’m aware of). These are bins at supermarkets full of loose produce such as rice and pasta. This makes it easier for zero-wasters not to buy prepackaged food.

I also live in a suburban/rural village so we don’t have much access to fresh produce except at the convenience shops (which are as un-green as you can be) but we do have a local farm shop, which imports produce from around the world *sigh*.

So I am already foreseeing some problems which I might face over this month. That being said, it is always worth a try and it will really highlight for me ways in which I can improve on my green lifestyle.

Starting today with next week’s shopping list.


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