How to Waste Less in the Kitchen

The kitchen has to be the most wasteful room in the house. It certainly is in our house any way. So I’ve been looking at ways to reduce our waste.


We do a lot of our shopping online which means we can ask Sainsbury’s to deliver our items without bags which helps a lot. Strangely enough though, the other day we ran out of carrier bags completely as we use them as a makeshift kitchen bin under the sink. We had to order our shopping with carrier bags and pay the surcharge! When shopping at the local farm shop or just popping to the corner shop for little items it is easy to take your own bags-for-life/ reusable bags

As I’ve mentioned before we make a meal plan for every week before we do our shopping. This way we only buy exactly what we need each week, ergo: less waste! Why buy a bag of peppers if you only intend to use one? If you buy a large yoghurt tub will you eat it all before it goes off? This is also a great tactic for making sure you shop locally as well. By being focussed on what you’re buying and not just picking items off the shelf based on how you feel when you’re in the shop, you are able to think about each item, where it has come from and where you can buy it more sustainably (eg: at the farm shop or market?).

Reusing and Recycling:

I always reuse what I can: plastic tubs for storage and taking leftovers to work, glass jars for all sorts of uses (every room in our house contains a jam jar with something or other in it), cardboard boxes for wrapping presents or to be used as cat toys. I am definitely one of those people who hoards for those ‘just in case’ moments!

Of course, recycling seems to have become a part of daily life in most households now which is great. Our council even gives incentives to recycle correctly rather than use landfill. And really, it is so easy to just sort out the glass/cardboard/plastic/metal from the rest and always check the packaging for the ♻ symbol if you’re unsure on whether something can be recycled or not.


I’m in the process of revamping our garden and the first thing I did was install a compost bin. The only problem is you’re not likely to walk down the garden every time you have a tea bag to throw out. So I’ve put my own compost receptacle (a jam jar!) in the kitchen to catch all the peelings, tea bags and crumbs, then when the sun is out I just skip down the garden with my jar and empty it into the big bin.


Batch cooking is also a great way to save on food,washing up and waste. We are only a small family (2 adults and 2 cats) but almost every meal we make we double the quantity of to take in a tub to work the next day. Often, with larger meals such as lasagna or cottage pie, we will be eating it for 2 or more lunches! This is such a time saver too as you’re not busy making sandwiches every morning or deciding what to have each day. Less carrots and hummus have been consumed since we started doing this!

These are just a few ways to waste less in the kitchen, let me know if you have any other great ideas or tips.

Rose. xx


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