What Can We Do Better?

Leading on from my last post I’ve decided that now, at the beginning of this blog, is the time to consider ways in which we can go greener in the future.

As I mentioned in the previous post (see here) I have some goals myself and G are already working towards. Our lifestyle is probably more ethical than the usual British home but we still have a long way to go. One main goal for me this year is to get a bike. I only live about 2 miles from work (!) so driving everyday is a bit ridiculous (though I do sometimes need my car to get to meetings etc…). I intend to cycle to work every (rain-free) day during the summer so I’m on the lookout for a secondhand bike in our area on ebay or preloved.

Also mentioned in my previous post, I always look to replace old with new, greener options. I am currently at the end of my foundation and make-up remover but conveniently my mum has invited me to a Bodyshop for charity fundraiser this week so I will get the opportunity to look at their range.

This year I have made the resolution to not buy any new clothes unless they are ethically or sustainably made or give back to charity in some way. This is a tough one for me as I usually spend about £100 a month on new clothes. I love ASOS and New Look but instead I am moving towards H&M Conscious range as well as finding more ethical brands everyday on Instagram. I am currently compiling a list so if you come across any ethical British companies please let me know!

From a food point of view we need to buy more in-season fruits and vegetables, which links in with both buying local and growing our own vegetables. However, we live in a tiny house with a tiny garden which doesn’t lend itself to growing veg but we will try as we try every year!! Last year we built a mini greenhouse out of old windows which is my single favourite thing in our garden so I’m super excited about using it for seedlings and tomatoes.

Many more plans for the future including a complete overhaul of our garden so just watch this space as it’s going to be BIG.

This is just a snippet of ways we can make sustainable and ethical choices in our lives. There is so much to be done, so keep watching my blog and join me on Instagram for updates on ideas and inspiration.

Rose xx


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